Alexander Mahagreen Producer Co. Ltd
Together for healthy lives, better environment, and social justice.

Biodynamic Compost Preparation by Farmer Groups


Alexander Mahagreen Producer Co. Ltd.,(AMPCL) is a farmer-owned company based in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. This company spearheaded by small organic farmers of Marathwada works to ensure a sustainable environment and social justice among the small and marginal farmers of Marathwada region in Maharashtra through promotion of organic farm produce. The AMPCL is facilitated by Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD) and established with the same ideals. IIRD has been working for the promotion of sustainable livelihoods through organic farming and has enabled thousands of small farmers in the region to transform to organic farming practices. For its significant role, IIRD has been awarded the international Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) Award presented in Manila, Philippines under the aegis of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) in 1999 and later awarded the Krishi Bushan by the Hon. Governor of Maharashtra in 2010. AMPCL is among the few companies that is owned and managed by a group of women farmers and probably the very rare such companies in India that are focused on organic farm production and marketing. The company presently has about 400 women organic farmers among its direct stakeholders who benefit from the services of the Producer Company.

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