Alexander Mahagreen Producer Co. Ltd
Together for healthy lives, better environment, and social justice.

Mahagreen Farmers Selling Organic Produce at Marathwada Farmers Exhibition

Our Services

AMPCL, with the cumulative resources of the 400+ direct stakeholders and many other organic farmers in the region, is able to provide the following services and products:

  • supply of high quality guaranteed organic millets, cereals, and vegetables
  • technical support in organic farming and marketing of the produce
  • processing of organic lentil (dal) and other pulses production, supply of biodynamic compost, vermicomposts, and biodynamic cow pat pit
  • value added organic foods from pulses and millets for rural and urban markets
  • training courses on organic farming, community based organic guarantee system or Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)
  • plan and implement organic bazaars. AMPCL operates in close partnership with a network of pioneers and leaders in the Organic Movement.

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